Project completed in 2023
Level: M.A.Sc.
Areas of research : BIM, Collaboration.

Digital sign and seal for BIM


This research project focuses on the integration of digital signatures into building information models (BIM) at the object level. Focusing on three key areas – digital signatures, legal and contractual concerns, and the challenges of digital delivery – the study aims to align solutions with existing processes and standards while ensuring minimal disruption and ensuring traceability. Digital signatures play a crucial role in authenticating signatories and safeguarding data integrity, by ensuring the confidentiality, authentication and non-repudiation of signed data. When it comes to legal and contractual issues relating to BIM projects, the study looks at problems such as incompatible supply systems, liabilities, model ownership and intellectual property rights. Current solutions are based on contract amendments, but there are still concerns about who is responsible for falsifying files. In addition, the study explores digital delivery solutions, focusing on standards alignment, openness, security and interoperability at system level. Although container-based signing is not satisfactory, the study examines potential solutions within the framework of the IFC standard and the Open BIM ecosystem in order to find the right solution.

Areas of research : BIM, Collaboration.
Key words : BIM, Collaboration, Open BIM.

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Partners : Mitacs , Notarius.

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