Projet complété en 2023
Niveau : M.Sc.A.
Domaines de recherche : BIM, Collaboration.

Digital sign and seal for BIMs


This research project focuses on integrating digital signatures into Building Information Models (BIMs) at the object level. Focusing on three key domains—digital signatures, legal and contractual concerns, and digital delivery challenges—the study aims to align solutions with existing processes and standards while ensuring minimal disruption and providing traceability. Digital signatures play a crucial role in authenticating signers and safeguarding data integrity, offering privacy, authentication, and non-repudiation of signed data. Addressing legal and contractual issues in BIM projects, the research delves into challenges such as procurement system incompatibility, liabilities, model ownership, and intellectual property rights. Current solutions rely on contract addendums, but concerns persist regarding file tampering liability. Furthermore, the study explores digital delivery solutions, emphasizing alignment with standards, openness, security, and system-level interoperability. While container-based signing falls short, the research investigates potential solutions within the IFC standard and Open BIM ecosystem to achieve the proper solution.

Domaines de recherche : BIM, Collaboration.
Mots-clés : BIM, BIM Ouvert, Collaboration.

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Partenaires : Mitacs , Notarius.

L’équipe chargée de ce projet


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