Project completed in 2024
Level: M.A.Sc.
Areas of research : Automation, BIM, Industrialization.

BIM-based configuration system for the early stages of modular residential projects


The implementation of prefabricated modular systems is hampered by architects’ and engineers’ lack of knowledge of production, supply and assembly. This study proposes a configuration platform to fill this knowledge gap by using computational design and a building product catalog to optimize, frame and evaluate design options. This study began with a systematic literature review to identify the different domains involved in a configuration system for the initial phase of construction projects. Next, it analyzes the configurators available on the market with criteria geared towards modular building design. Finally, this research aims to propose a BIM-based configuration system to alleviate the constraints identified in the previous step. This configuration system will be validated by industrial partners and can be supplemented by databases to generate and analyze designs for construction projects. The research focuses on the application of configurators for modular construction systems for medium-density residential buildings to help solve Canada’s housing crisis.

Areas of research : Automation, BIM, Industrialization.

Project contributions

Potential impact : – To provide the industry with a tool to improve the adoption of modular construction systems, thereby promoting the use and producibility of these modular systems. – Help fill the housing gap. – Link new and existing databases that could improve design, manufacturing, transportation, assembly, maintenance and construction criteria to identify process improvement opportunities or support decision-making.

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The project team


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