Project completed in 2025
Level: Ph.D.
Areas of research : Collaboration, Lean Construction.

Linking digitization and value co-creation in transport projects


Government transportation organizations are increasingly relying on digital solutions to advance their project and asset management. By extracting information on geographical nuances, pollution measurements, traffic patterns, building data and user behavior, these solutions play a vital role in determining the direction of future transportation initiatives. Faced with a deluge of information and a diversity of stakeholder concerns, government agencies have a dual mission: to manage this data brilliantly, while guaranteeing consistent added value, both internally and for external collaborators and users. The core of this research aims to discern: how can digital methodologies efficiently handle such a vast amount of information and diverse demands, while keeping added value at the forefront? In response, this study supports the “value co-creation” approach, emphasizing that value is not only produced but defined collaboratively. At the same time, it is imperative to avoid the co-destruction of value. This dual focus on co-creation and prevention of value erosion, rooted in sustainability, is paramount for government transportation agencies overseeing large-scale projects and their ongoing lifecycles.

Areas of research : Collaboration, Lean Construction.

Project results

We aim to develop a doctoral research artifact in the form of a toolbox. This toolbox is designed to equip governmental organizations that manage transport with protection based on the principle of value co-creation. This resource is designed to be versatile, providing guidance not only during the initial adoption and integration of digital tools, but also to ensure their sustainable, value-driven management in the future.
The aim is to meet the inherent challenges faced by these government agencies, ensuring consistent added value at every phase of a tool’s lifecycle in the dynamic and evolving transportation sector.

Project contributions

Thanks to this research, we are contributing to a topical issue: the co-creation of value. Although this concept has been widely studied in the context of marketing, focusing on interactions between organizations and customers, its exploration at the intra-organizational level (often referred to as the “meso” layer) remains rare. We intend to integrate value co-creation methodologies, such as the DART (Dialogue, Access, Risk Assessment and Transparency) concepts from the marketing field, to design a framework that seamlessly merges diverse values, circumvents value co-destruction and facilitates sustainable prioritization. In essence, our aim is to establish a framework deeply rooted in academic rigor, while offering tangible real-world relevance and applicability.

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