Project completed in 2023
Level: M.A.Sc.
Areas of research : BIM, Technological integration.

Implementing BIM in the management and execution of transport infrastructure projects


The Ministère des Transports et de la Mobilité Durable (hereafter Ministère) is in the midst of a digital transition, following the impetus given by the government’s roadmap for the implementation of Infrastructure Data Modeling (BIM) in Quebec. This is the background to this research, which focuses on understanding how BIM can be effectively integrated into the management of transport infrastructure projects, particularly at the Ministry, in order to derive maximum benefit. To achieve this objective, we first carried out a diagnostic of the current state of project management practices and knowledge within the department. The diagnostic identified the level of use of BIM and digital technologies in general, as well as the benefits and challenges to BIM deployment identified. The lessons learned from the projects will serve as a basis for developing a strategy for deploying BIM in projects over the long term. This strategy will draw not only on past experience in deploying BIM in government agencies around the world, but also on the practical experience of those involved in project management within the Ministry.

Areas of research : BIM, Technological integration.

Project results

This research will first identify the benefits and challenges of implementing BIM in transportation infrastructure projects, by comparing field data with literature. The opportunities for development and growth offered by BIM in the management of transport infrastructure projects will also be identified.
The data collected will be used to define context-specific strategies for the effective implementation of BIM within the Ministry. The strategies defined will also be based on the use of government roadmaps for BIM implementation, analyzed as part of this research, as well as on the summary of workshops held with experts from the Ministry.

Project contributions

This research will highlight the importance of adopting BIM for transportation infrastructure projects, highlighting the benefits of its implementation. Secondly, the opportunities presented will bring a new perspective to the management of infrastructure projects, for project owners. Lastly, it can be used to draw up a ministerial roadmap for the implementation of BIM in the transport sector.


Publications from this project are available below:

Doume M., Poirier É., 2023. The use of BIM in railway projects. Canadian Society of Civil Engineering Annual Conference- Moncton, NB.

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