Project completed in 2023
Level: M.A.Sc.
Areas of research : Collaboration, Lean Construction.

Definition of key performance indicators for assessing the impact of innovations in the AECO industry


The construction sector has a hard time embracing innovation because of its strong attachment to traditional methods and its resistance to modernization. Academics and professionals have long been discussing the issue of poor performance in the construction sector, due to increasing economic demands, intense competition and rapid changes in the industry. To evaluate the success of a project, it is essential to measure performance using key performance indicators (KPIs) as structured data measures to assess effectiveness and achievements. KPIs serve as essential benchmarks in the construction sector, providing valuable information for informed decision-making and project improvement. They can also be used to assess employee performance, by comparing actual achievements with targets set in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and quality. By defining specific KPIs to assess the impact of innovations in the architecture, engineering, construction and operations (AECO) industry, this research aims to significantly influence and improve industry practices.

Areas of research : Collaboration, Lean Construction.

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