Project completed in 2025
Level: Ph.D.
Areas of research : Collaboration, Lean Construction.

Bridging Digitalization and Value Co-Creation in Transportation Projects


Governmental transport organizations are increasingly leveraging digital solutions to advance their project and asset management. By extracting insights from geographical nuances, pollution metrics, traffic patterns, building data, and user behaviors, these solutions are pivotal in determining the direction of future transport initiatives. As they navigate a deluge of information and a range of stakeholder concerns, governmental bodies are tasked with a twofold mission: masterfully managing these inputs while simultaneously ensuring consistent value delivery both internally and to external collaborators and users. The heart of this research seeks to discern: How can digital methodologies proficiently handle such extensive information and diverse demands, all while keeping value delivery at the forefront? In response, this study endorses the “value co-creation” approach, highlighting that value isn’t just produced but collaboratively defined. Concurrently, avoiding co-destruction of value stands as a critical imperative. This dual emphasis on co-creation and preventing value erosion, rooted in sustainability, is paramount for governmental transport agencies overseeing extensive projects and their ongoing life cycles.

Areas of research : Collaboration, Lean Construction.

Project results

We aim to develop a doctoral research artifact in the form of a toolkit. This toolkit is designed to equip governmental organizations managing transport with a safeguard focused on the principle of value co-creation. This resource is constructed to be versatile, providing guidance not only during the initial adoption and integration of digital tools but also ensuring their sustained, value-driven management in the future.
The intent is to address the inherent challenges these governmental bodies face, ensuring consistent value delivery at every phase of a tool’s lifecycle within the dynamic and evolving transport sector.

Project contributions

Through this research, we contribute to a pressing topic: value co-creation. Although this concept has been extensively delved into within the marketing context, focusing on interactions between organizations and customers, its exploration at an intra-organizational level (often termed the ‘meso’ layer) remains sparse. We intend to incorporate value co-creation methodologies, such as concepts like DART (Dialogue, Access, Risk assessment, and Transparency) from the marketing field to devise a framework that seamlessly amalgamates diverse values, circumvents value co-destruction, and facilitates sustainable prioritization. In essence, our goal is to establish a framework deeply rooted in academic rigor, yet offering tangible real-world relevance and applicability.

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