Level: M.A.Sc.
Areas of research : Digital twin.

Advanced infrastructure management through data integration in digital twins: case study of an existing bridge


Modern infrastructure, especially bridges, is essential in urban environments. They play a central role in facilitating the efficient transport of goods, supporting essential services and enabling the transmission of crucial information. Digitization has become essential to improve the longevity, safety and efficiency of these vital infrastructures. Based on the concept of digital twins (DT), our project merges real-time temperature and strain sensor data with a 3D BIM 360 model. This complete DT representation of a section of the Alexandra Bridge not only provides a dynamic visualization for accurate monitoring, but also aids predictive maintenance, cost reduction and timely interventions. Thanks to this accurate data, stakeholders have a global view of the bridge’s state of health, which promotes data-driven decision-making, improves public safety and ensures optimum allocation of resources for infrastructure management.

Areas of research : Digital twin.

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Partners : CIMA+.

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