The GRIDD’s projects

Our projects over the past few years have included topics such as:

  • Collaborative BIM: BIM in integrated design
  • BIM Maturity assessment (partners: CEFRIO, NRC EQARF).
  • BIM Facility management (partners: ArchiDATA, CHUQ)
  • BIM in prefabrication (partners: DIV15, CHUQ)
  • BIM for energy optimization (partners: CIMAISE, Pageau-Morel)
  • Creativity, knowledge management and methods of working with an architecture firm and the City of Montreal.
  • Research collaboration software in partnership with the Sketcha team at the Free University of Grenoble (Belgium).
  • BIM construction management for process optimization (partners: 3L-Innogénie, CHUQ)
  • Change management and BIM implementation (partner: SNC-Lavalin)
  • National study of metrics and methods for measuring and improving productivity (Partner: Sectoral Council of Canada).
  • Last Planner application in hydropower projects (industrial partners: Rio Tinto Alcan and SNC-Lavalin).
  • Reverse engineering for the application of BIM 5D (Pomerleau industrial partner).
  • Simulation of prefabrication (3L Innogénie industrial partner).
  • CI-BIM framework for Sustainable Construction (partners: EEA AAPPQ)

We currently have many projects that change on a regular basis. For the time being, we refer you to the French version of this page for up-to-date information.

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