Une étude sur l’hybridation des pratiques au sein d’une agence d’architecture : le cas de la coordination multidisciplinaire assistée par le BIM

Date : 2024-02-18

Contenu :

BIM‐enabled multidisciplinary coordination is one of the most widespread practices in the construction industry. Despite its popularity, integrating the required technologies, and reconfiguring the practices necessary to benefit from it, remains a challenge. As currently practiced, multidisciplinary BIM coordination tends to replicate traditional coordination processes in digital, rather than transform them. This article presents a case study of the implementation of BIM‐enabled multidisciplinary coordination within an architectural firm with considerable BIM experience. The objective of the research project is to investigate the implementation of BIM tools and processes aimed at taking full advantage of the potential offered by the centralization of information and the federation of disciplines within a single digital environment. This research identified the components, advantages, and limitations, as well as the functionalities and support required to implement BIM‐enabled multidisciplinary coordination within the agency. Due to considerable implementation challenges, the emergence of hybrid multidisciplinary coordination practices, a mix of traditional and BIM approaches, was noted, limiting the potential benefits of the approach.

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