Research Focus

The GRIDD’s expertise spans three major research areas :

  1. Sustainable Development and Integrated Design
  2. Organization & Lean Production management
  3. Emerging technologies and BIM

Sustainable Development and Integrated Design

Integrated Design is a process that actively involves internal and external stakeholders (professionals, developers, decision makers, users, operators, and the neighborhood) through intensive design workshops. Integrated Design creates a paradigm shift, away from “silo” mentality and towards an iterative and collaborative approach to design. Our research focuses on formalizing and optimizing the collaborative work processes, using the latest technologies and team dynamics to foster creativity.


Organizational & Lean Production management

Lean construction is a new approach based on production management. When applied to construction, the lean approach changes the way work is accomplished throughout the project. It aims to minimize waste and maximize added value. Our research focuses on integrating this philosophy and methodology with Integrated Design and BIM.

Emerging technologies and BIM

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the notion of developing and using a multi-dimensional digital information model, not only for the purpose of documenting how a given building was designed, but also to run performance simulations, to construct and operate a new (or renovated) building. Our research comprises various aspects of that approach: 3D modelling, planning (4D), estimating (5D), real estate management and energy simulation. Our research team aims to establish best practices in BIM integration within construction firms and their supply chain. The T.O.P. conceptual framework below serves as the foundation for our appraisal of BIM.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 2.50.13 PM


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