The GRIDD’s Mission

The GRIDD aims to transform the way construction is taught and practiced in Québec, within the context of sustainable development and computer-assisted construction.

To accomplish its mission, the GRIDD brings together a multidisciplinary team of leading researchers in project management in information technology, psychology and industrial environment that share a common interest to carry out research projects relevant to the industry.

The GRIDD is composed of researchers and students at ETS in construction engineering and at the University of British Columbia in civil engineering.

A stimulating environment for learning and collaboration

The GRIDD evolves in the LCAOCO (Laboratory of Computer Aided Collaboration in Design), a laboratory equipped with cutting-edge technology in telecommunications, teaching tools and specialized design and research software.

The GRIDD conducts numerous research projects on BIM and IDP with its industrial partners. Many students become experts in the use of BIM software such as Revitt, Innovaya, Timberline, Vico, and many others that are in high demand in the industry. In addition, students participating in studies of IDP develop a particular skill for teamwork and group coordination.

The group also has an industrial research Chair in partnership with Pomerleau on the integration of technologies and practices in construction.

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