Conrad Boton
Daniel Forgues
Danielle Monfet

Ph.D. ing.

Ph.D. arch. PMP

Professor in the Department of Engineering construction of ÉTS with 25 years of experience in managing projects and programs for various sectors including real estate, IT and manufacturing.

Ph.D Ing.

Professor in the department of construction engineering at ÉTS and co-director of the GRIDD. She received her PhD in building engineering from Concordia University in 2011 and specialized in building energy modeling, energy efficient buildings and ongoing commissioning of HVAC systems. Her research interests include building performance analysis, the development of new approaches to improve the energy efficiency and operation of buildings. She is also interested in the use of new technologies such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) to improve the performance of buildings from design to operation.

Research Support Team

Ali Motamedi
Isabelle Jutras
Jeff Fortin Tam

Ali Motamedi received his Ph.D. from an interdisciplinary engineering program at Concordia University. His research focuses on the applications of emerging IT technologies in construction and facilities management including Internet of Things (IoT), localization, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and data visualization. Ali is the holder of several national and international scholarships, fellowships and awards including JSPS, FQRNT, NSERC, and the Merit Award. His research results have been published in several journals and presented in various conferences. He has also many years of consulting/design experience in the area of facilities management and information technology and has participated in several large scale IT projects.

M.Sc. env.

Administrative Assistant for the GRIDD, she works primarily on monitoring student records. She worked for five years as editor for the AQME the magazine “Energy Management” and as a coordinator for the congresses and symposia of AQME. She is currently studying in education to teach sociology in college.

B.Sc. psy. & post-graduate diploma in management

Jeff holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Montreal and a post-graduate diploma in management from HEC Montreal. He manages the daily logistics of the lab and provides administrative and technical support to the team, as well as communications, events management, and logistics. As a management consultant and founder of the idéemarque branding company, he also provides general design and strategy services.


Current students

NameLevelYear of enrolment
Adel KasaeePh.D2014
Aida FarzanehMaster2013
Belkacem BerghoutPh.D2013
Francesco CappaiPh.D2013
Hafsa ChbalyPh.D2017
Imen ChikhiMaster2016
Jade Kim BeltranMaster2016
Jean-François CôtéMaster2014
Martin MichaudPh.D.2015
Mathieu DupuisPh.D.2013
Mathieu Fokwa SohPh.D.2016
Valérie Bergeron-BibeauMaster2016

Graduated Students

NameLevelYear of graduation
Adel TobbiMaster2016
Adil LahnichiMaster2014
Adrien FortMaster2015
Aïda El KabbajMaster2016
Albéric MasurelMaster2014
Alexandre DaoustMaster2017
Ali AlaghbandradMaster2015
Audrey LavalléeMaster2011
Aymeric FourcadeMaster2013
Clément HittierMaster2017
Clémentine FadeuilheMaster2015
Daniel IzquierdoMaster2015
Érik PoirierPh.D.2016
Estelle GrialouMaster2016
Eva-Charlotte ForguesMaster2017
Francis TrottierMaster2016
Franck Ghislain NingueMaster2016
Gabriel LachanceMaster2016
Georges C. RizkallahMaster2015
Imane El-HammoumiMaster2017
Jean-Philippe DionneMaster2015
Khaled KabbaraMaster2012
Laurent MiossecMaster2016
Lieu DaoMaster2012
Mahdi El RemaounMaster2013
Manon PouteauMaster2016
Marie-Hélène CôtéMaster2014
Maroua Ben HassineMaster2015
Michael LéonardMaster2012
Pierre CollotMaster2015
Pierre-Olivier CôtéMaster2013
Rami ChetouiMaster2015
Raphaël SertMaster2014
Ruth FloresMaster2011
Sabrina GiguèreMaster2012
Samer JarmakMaster2017
Sébastien FrenetteMaster2015
Sylvain VaudouMaster2017
Tatiana BotnaruMaster2017
Vincent CarignanMaster2017
Yassine Ben JemâaMaster2017

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