Walid Anane

During his studies, Walid Anane has been involved in many aspects of construction ranging from management, design, structural design, prefabrication, and material properties. This has allowed him to develop his ability to adapt and his desire to learn more about innovative construction. Following his graduation with honors from ENIS, he returned to Canada as part of the Mitacs Elevation program to pursue a master’s degree in research at ÉTS in the GRIDD laboratories. Under the supervision of Prof. Iordanova and Prof. Ouellet-Plamondon, he is currently working on the application of BIM to digital fabrication. Walid Anane is now part of the GRIDD research support team and is responsible for managing internal meetings with Emmanuelle Nonirit. He assists Prof. Iordanova in the management of her team and is responsible for the successful integration of her students.

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