Renovation of GRIDD laboratories and new LARTIC laboratories

The project to renovate GRIDD’s laboratories continues. The new laboratories will include, in addition to the GRIDD offices and adjoining premises (currently a student lounge), the LARTIC premises. This new laboratory, recognized by the ETS and shared by professors Conrad Boton and Ali Motamedi, will focus research on virtual and augmented realities and the Internet of Things.

These premises will be able to accommodate about forty people. The main room of the GRIDD will serve as a meeting space while the auxiliary room will be divided into a room with a robot, two small work rooms and a space for informal discussions and meetings. Conrad and Ali’s laboratory will also house information technology for construction sites, a 3D printer and an augmented reality system.

These new spaces and equipment will support the implementation of innovative projects and collaboration between students, professors and partners.

LARTIC axonometry

GRIDD axonometry


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