“Découverte” Fund allocated to Professor Ivanka Iordanova for her project : BIM-integrated Computational Design and Robotic Fabrication in Construction

The figure details the terminology adopted for this research, and specifies the project phases addressed. The focus will be on the design and construction phases of a building or infrastructure. Given that ‘digital’ is too general a term and is practically present in all discussed innovative methods, this proposal uses a more precise terminology: a.) ‘Computational Design’ refers to the performance-driven digital design method, which requires model-driven robotic fabrication; and b.) ‘Robotic Fabrication’ (Rfab), both off-site or in-situ, to which are limited the construction automation methods discussed in this program. As design and fabrication are interdependent in this context, we use the term ‘Computational Design and Robotic Fabrication’ (CDRfab) to name the entire integrated process.


The overall purpose of this program is to contribute to the body of knowledge and the technical advancement of CDRfab of high performance, integrated multi-functional building elements (i.e. a building enclosure with optimized structural, acoustic and bioclimatic functions), whose relevant data is part of a BIM-based Common Data Environment. It aims at solving some of the present limitations of digitally manufactured construction [9], through the integration of CDRfab data with BIM.

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