Building Information Modeling (BIM): “Best Practices” at the regional, national and international level

Alberta BIM TOP best practices reportIn partnership with the Alberta BIM Centre of Excellence (ACE)Productivity Alberta and Western Economic Diversification, this research project was lead by professor Sheryl Staub‐French (University of British Columbia) and professor Daniel Forgues (École de technologie supérieure) with their respective research teams.

The goal was to study “best practices” in BIM in the Canadian construction industry, in order to evaluate what works well and what remains a challenge within the industry. The research team focused on seven construction projects at regional, national and international scale, and analyzed them according to a tri-dimensional T.O.P. (Technology, Organization and Processes) model. The research team came to the conclusion that an equilibrium between those three dimensions is crucial to a successful BIM implementation. The team also analyzed existing guidelines and norms regarding BIM, its use in other countries, and return over investment.

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